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[Note: We just launched our website and are in the process of adding books to our collection – And because we are a community-driven online books and reviews site, we would love to hear your suggestions – Read on!]

Welcome to ChainFree Living Books and Reviews. We are a community-driven online bookstore founded in June, 2016 that was created specifically for sharing and discussing written works that serve as pathways to emotional, mental, and spiritual liberation. Our website offers the ability to search for, and also purchase, recommended books securely online via our affiliated links (e.g., Amazon), as well as allowing visitors to share book recommendations, leave reviews, and comment on featured books in our blog posts.

More specifically: Ever read a book that changed your life, and you would like other people to know about it? Or perhaps you’ve discovered a ‘gem’ that larger book retailers do not adequately publicize on their sites and you’d like to bring it to the attention of others. Maybe you wrote that gem and you are disappointed to find it languishing, your heartfelt work unacknowledged and unrecognized. Whatever the case, leave us your recommendations (title, author) as a comment, below, or send via email to and we’ll do our best to feature your suggestions here on our site.

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